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The OneCare Collaborative helps physicians secure their future as attractive, high-quality providers at a time when payers and patients are sharpening their focus on value-based quality measures and compensation.
By joining the OneCare Collaborative, physicians gain access to the extensive operational and financial infrastructure they need to successfully manage the health of populations at lower costs. They are met with guidance and tactical support from partners—like Deaconess—with value-based care experience, local knowledge and a vested interest in the success of physicians in the Tri-state community.
At OneCare Collaborative, we understand that most providers do not have the time, energy and resources to solve for these needs on their own. That is why we provide personal and financial rewards for providers while helping them build a sustainable and scalable value-based care foundation that would otherwise be unattainable without substantial investment from each practice on their own.
Our physician leaders know first-hand how challenging it can be to work with different payers in a value-based care contract when each payer has its own set of processes and requirements that lead to cost, confusion and frustration for primary care practices.
OneCare Collaborative eases the administrative burden for practices by simplifying and streamlining requirements from payers, and provides incentive payments along the way to help primary care practices navigate this transformative time in health care when we must balance both volume- and value-based care. This operational model ultimately serves the goal of improving patient experience and health outcomes, while supporting practices as they strive to improve efficiency and lower cost.
Ease administrative burden
  • OneCare Collaborative negotiates a shared risk agreement with willing payers on behalf of all OneCare Collaborative physicians. This has no effect on the fee-for-service rates you have negotiated with that payer.
  • Metrics, resources and processes are governed by a council of practicing regional physicians who represent your interests.
Improve patient health
  • Primary care physicians have access to Deaconess’ integrated model of care to identify high-risk patients and deliver interventions at the right time, in the right setting.
  • Under this model of care, nurse Care Advisors in our local region support practices and their patients with care advising services. These services are designed to actively engage patients and families in coordinated care.
  • Physicians continue to treat their same patients, with added resources to engage and advise those who need ongoing support in-between visits with their doctor.
Earn additional revenue
  • Physicians who meet performance and quality standards can earn financial incentives throughout the year.

Participation in the OneCare network is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please contact Jolee Miller (jolee.miller@deaconess.com) in Provider Relations.

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